Your track was accepted

now what?

Written by Quentin 'Q The Beat Boy' Adams

Let's Get



Well, you can do nothing if you want, and keep on searching for new ways to promote your track. Or, you can check out some of the stuff below. Please remember these promotion packages are more Soundcloud based. While we can deliver small playlist placements and such for spotify, these packages are simply geared more for Soundcloud.  


Submitting your work to All Rise gives you a few extra perks simply for submitting.  And then there is the fee and what you get with it. You are definitely going to want to read this...


So, let’s start with the free stuff. Submitting your work to us makes you eligible to get some pretty nice stuff, especially if you are just starting out. The only thing about it is you need to take action.

Can you say yes to this?

  • Do you have a website or webpage anywhere besides social media? We can provide you with one at no charge on our site. For transparency, YES, we benefit from hosting your page and the traffic it will bring, but it works the exact same way for you as well. Having your page built on our site www.allriseartistnation.com will allow you to be exposed to our traffic that we generate on our own as well. Just ask Charlie charlieenglanduk@gmail.com

  • Want an interview? We have a simple interview that you can receive, fill out in a few minutes and gain a spot on our interviews page. If you have a decent camera you can even do it on video too. https://www.allriseartistnation.com/aran-interviews

  • Have you ever been played on the radio or do you simply want more spins? We have our own radio station on radionomy.com. All Rise Radio is dedicated to presenting indie talent, but we also slide in a few favs and classics too once in a while lol. Best part is it’s free, so send us your work...all of it! And we will sort through it and see if any of it is ok to add to our regular rotation, even possibly presented in a show. https://www.allriseartistnation.com/allriseradio

  • Want your music uploaded to our Soundcloud account? This one you need to really consider because we do not share the revenue generated from Soundcloud. Instead, we use the revenue to help grow our promotion budget to help everyone we work with more. However, we do have a budget builder program where it is set up to basically trade tracks to monetize on each others account. Don’t know how to monetize your account, we can teach you, or simply look it up on the net and go with a reputable company. Or, grow your Soundcloud account because eventually Soundcloud will reach out to you and possibly add you to their premier tier.

Is your track on anyone’s playlist? Well we add accepted tracks, for those that pay the fee, to our playlist. Sometimes even unpaid ones, we don’t discriminate because a good track is a good track and sometimes it deserves the attention regardless. You should consider sharing them to help everyone out. https://soundcloud.com/allriseproductions/sets/all-rise-artist-nation-2018 


Ok, what about this?

  • Are you willing to be an active member of our community? It is under construction at the moment, but you can join us on Discord. If you are willing to check out people’s work, give deserving work some love and support and participate once in a while in some simple activities, then we welcome you with open arms! https://discord.gg/3pYuq8V

  • There is more, but get in touch with us and show us you are serious and it will be presented to you where applicable.


Now, let us talk about the paid stuff a little more. you do not have to pay, but it is suggested... of course you get all of the above with your paid submission but you also get more. Here is a bit of it…

  • @$5 you get reposted to our main account, added to an applicable playlist including, but not limited to a featured/spotlighted playlist.

  • @$20 you get all of the above, but you also get a trade made on your behalf within our Soundcloud network at a portion or 100K and reposts made to multiple accounts to make up the difference. Due to the nature of how trades work, this usually ends up passing 100k easily, but is not guaranteed to exceed 100k.


We will also come back and check on tracks some time in the future to see if they have gotten any good attention and if not we will see what’s available to help it out even more. So essentially, we will return and probably make a new repost or trade for accepted, paid tracks.


Tracks that make it through the curation process for the radio station are likely to be put permanently in rotation. We vary rarely delete tracks from the station unless there is a reason for it, like space for example.


We also offer a ton of other services like Reactor & Lyric Videos, Mixing, Mastering, Production, Monthly Promotion, Voice Overs, Features, Websites and more. Just ask or explore the site. https://www.allriseartistnation.com/


Want to be part of a team? Are you down? Ask about joining All Rise Artist Nation. It is not for everyone, there is work to be done. At the end of the day we are a group of people trying to achieve the same goal which is to build this company up enough to support all of our music careers and help others do the same. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of then reach out to us!


Well, thank you for your submission. Much Love and we hope to see you doing some of this stuff. Peace!!!