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Haven’t heard of The Husk before? Well, it is about time you learned about it. The Husk, also including Grow With Us, is a really powerful tool you can use to grow your artist profiles with legit followers. Created by the awesome people at The Drunken Coconut, The Husk allows you to create download gates for your music allowing you to provide a quick easy way for your fans to gain access to your material. That’s not it though! These gates actually pay you for every download you get from your gates. These gates allow you to include YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud links for fans to follow you in order to gain access to the specified track. This is an amazing alternative to paying for the music but still allows you to gain something behind the action.  

So, what is The Husk?

Wait, there's more!

Additionally, they have a program called Grow With Us. Grow with us is a really powerful tool. Using the fan gates from above, Grow With Us allows you to place your account within these download gates as an account that a fan must follow to download any track. Because of this, you are able to place your profile in thousands of download gates in a legitimate and highly efficient way so fans can follow your account. 


Now, the thing about that is, nothing is foolproof. Even though it works this way and you can practically gain as many fans as you want, you still need to make these new fans happy like any others. You can grow your account to unbelievable amounts, but if you don’t treat your account right, they will eventually unfollow you. Hell, people will unfollow you simply for posting too many times in a day, so keep that in mind while managing your accounts.

Professional Recognition

So how does this cookie crumble?

So the way it works is simple. You sign up and create a campaign. Within this campaign you can set your bid amount, which account and what platform. You can choose from Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud. Now, you set your bid to get you somewhere close to the numbers in the top 10 bids you see at the top of the campaigns page. So let’s say the top bid is 11 cents. You will probably want set your bid to 9-10 cents for speed or 8-9 cents for getting the most out of the situation. You can set the bid even lower but this will slow down gains substantially, but it will still work for sure. One huge tip I can give you is don’t be the guy that always wants to have the top bid, it doesn’t make sense, it is greedy, it drives the top bids up meaning you have to raise you bids accordingly to keep the speed of the gains up…. Don’t Do It!!!


That’s pretty much it, you deposit some money and let it do it’s job until you are satisfied with your followers count. You can use this system to grow any number of accounts with real followers. Use this tool correctly and you can change your entire career within a few months. Let’s Go!