Steps to ensure your data is safe.

Here are some time to expand on keeping your data safe, specifically my article called “Back Up Your Sh**!” These are all things that can be done probably together and on their own to keep your data safe and redundant.

Set your DAW’s (or any program for that matter) Autosave Feature. FL studio allows autosaves every 5 mins and before major moves. Use it!

Save secondary, even tertiary copies of your tracks and projects where needed. You can never save too many copies, because they can be deleted. You can however, save too few of them! They can’t be generated out of nothing.

Use Splice or a similar company. They offer unlimited storage of your projects with some terms… I love it because you can actually manage and open the projects all on the site or app right to your supported Daw. Beautifull!!!!!!!!!!

Get Cloud Service. This can get real expensive real quick, so only backup important data to the cloud unless you can afford the extra space. We use PCloud FYI… Some cloud services allow you to sync folders from your computer to the cloud itself. With PCloud, you even get a virtual drive that makes all of your cloud content appear as if it were files stored on your computer… Amazing!!!

Save to multiple locations or use mirroring strategies (look it up). This allows a backup situation where if used right, no matter what happens outside of like a fire or something, there will always be a copy of your file somewhere. Keep in mind, simply mirroring a drive is not foolproof. Personally I would use a mirrored set up for my actual backup files and another drive to use as a work drive to work off of keeping the files being worked with on the work drive and saving to the mirror set up for backups. Doing this, you will have your work copy on your work drive, and when you save a copy to the mirror set up the hardware or software running the mirror (raid) will automatically save a copy of that backup to 2 drives (or more if you know how). This will actually leave you with 3 copies for safety. Learning more about raid, if you learn and can afford to set up a Raid 10 setup, you will be in good standings with your data, but still keep backups in a cloud or something. Off site backups are even better.

Save all of the files you will ever need in your backups. This can cause a lot more need for storage space, however, you will always have access to what you need when you need it. For example. I like to use MP3, Wav and Flac all for different reasons, I keep tracked out wavs and stems for mostly all tracks in some cases even additional version of songs like radio edits, acapellas, instrumentals, etc. I use Flac files for uploading because they tend to be smaller than wav, but still retain lossless quality same as wav. You can also delete these extra files once they have been used where need be, but I tend to keep them and store them in designated folders. I have a server so that may be a less viable option for a lot of you. External hard drives are cheap now and can work fine if used right as well.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD RANDOM STUFF!!! This is how most people destroy their rigs and or data. Clicking on random sites, not knowing the real security of visited sites, opening emails everyone knows are bad, downloading stupid stuff or trying to get stuff free with torrents, etc. ALl lead to most people getting infected computers in some cases dead ones too lol.. Simply don’t do it… Don’t get me wrong, if you know what you’re doing, it can all be done lol but most people think it is easier than it actually is to safely pull off these kinds of activities. It requires deep knowledge to properly do these things so just avoid it because at the end of the day it simply takes way more time to learn how then you really have to spare… We are talking VPN’s, VM’s, etc… yeah lost already right? Lol…

Don’t store stuff on the same drive as your operating system (the drive you computer runs from) and if you do, at least create a separate partition for storing stuff. At least this way if the system crashes the data will be stored separate from the operating system and should be safe, usually is but better safe than sorry, get additional drives.

Keeping a clone of your drive is also an option but can be more work and in the end will probably cost you more drives… The constant cloning of your used drive will have a lot of read time on it and will put a ton of writes on your clone… It's not the healthiest way but it works if you stay on top of replacing old drives to ensure your clone doesn't die on the shelf lol.

Save FL Zip Files. These files save all of the information the can legally, about your project. All of your samples, the information from the project, your recordings. Keep in mind it will not save plugins but it will save its settings so it will open properly given the plugin is installed on the computer your are opening the Zip with.

Stop downloading porn from free sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want it, pay the notable companies for files you know are safe! Even visiting rando sites can be devastating so STOP!!! Not Judging lbvs, but STOP!!! That’s the GEEK talking that’s all..

Get or build a server or set up another computer with plenty of storage in it and set it up on your network. Use this extra computer the same as a huge set of external drives with its on security and everything lbvs! It is what I do, I don’t lose files unless I am slacking lbvs.. My workstation can blow up rightnow and I probably wouldn’t lose anything except any files I am currently working with that I have not backed up yet which is not much and probably would have much impact lol… Even on the server, I have no files saved on the drive that actually runs the server so it can die right now to under a ton of circumstances and I wouldn't be worried at all…

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