Failure, Is It A Bad Thing?

The short answer is, most times, but only if you let it be…

In comparison, in your lifetime there are few instances of something you learned to do that you perfected right off vs the number of times you failed or didn't do so hot the first time you tried. Or even the first few times…

Every single thing you do or will ever do resulted from something you had to learn first, aside from involuntary and instinctual actions. Chances are, you probably didn't have to learn to breathe, but you most likely had to learn to read, write, talk, walk, and it was all a challenge to you when you first tried it. Hopefully, that drove home the point here, but with all that being said most people probably failed the first few times at everything I just mentioned and damn near everything else the first time they tried as well...

Why am I rambling on about this?

Well, I notice in a lot of people I encounter, when failure is even a possible outcome they freak out or go into a state where they can’t be talked into reason. The reality is if you haven't failed at something along the way, depending on what it is you may want to be more worried about the lack of failure thus far.

Failure is natural, it is a learning tool. It tells you what you did wrong. If you pay attention and are good on your feet you may also learn what to do not to fail the next time right there on the spot. When I fail at something, I take the time to evaluate what went wrong to make sure the same mistakes are not made again. The real tragedy is repeating it continuously and learning nothing from it...

Stay on your toes, pay attention to the things that go wrong a bit more than what goes right. Don’t get discouraged if something falls apart. The thing about most situations is you can most likely find a way to fix it if something is in disarray. Get back on your feet and keep on pushing.

The truth is, for the most part, the only thing ever standing in your way is you… Stay focused and looking forward, keep your head up and keep on pushing! Without failure, there would be no success!!

#motivation #failureisok

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