Money + Music

= Waiting Game

Written by Quentin 'Q The Beat Boy' Adams

Let's Get


I will start this one by revealing the point immediately. BE PATIENT!!!

Speaking of music in general, nothing happens overnight unless you happen to go viral and even still you will have to wait a little bit before you see your revenue. As a general rule of thumb, if you completed a release today, you should expect to wait about 3 months before you see the revenue made from your streams today.


Why am I saying this? Well, most major digital music retailers only report their sales every few months. Some even take a while before the first report to a particular account is sent and then it will get more stable as time goes on. In some cases, it even takes up to 6 months for a report to be sent causing it to take sometimes over a year before you start to see any kind of stable reporting and that's only if you release regularly.

Think of it as using a calendar/scheduler

If you release, let’s say every week, eventually, you will end up with reports just about weekly as well, but it will take time still for it to become stable. If you manage to release weekly over a year just to say, then the following year should be pretty promising and so long as you keep your traffic regular, the money should be too. Growing obviously helps. There really is no way to counter this besides releasing regularly and waiting it out and promoting your butt off in the process.

Are you following me so far?

You should understand that me telling you to be patient is very reasonable. Getting followers, plays, money, all kind of follows this same way of thinking. If you are doing reposts, like using SC Planner, for example, it is better to use it for a few mins a day a few times a week then it is to sit and do it all in one day because you will essentially cause a constant stream of reposts instead of flooding your networks.  And so on and so on you guys!


So, to sum it up, be patient! Invest the time into a single project instead of rushing off to the next, or come back to it instead of abandoning it. Expect to wait, it won’t happen tomorrow… Hope this helps.