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Independent or Unsigned
'ARAN' is dedicated to providing a platform for emerging talent to flourish. Creativity is flawless no matter the art. So we are here to help guide you with proven methods mostly for free. Why? Because everyone deserves a chance to have their voice heard. So let's celebrate and showcase it all! 
Not just Musicians!
We are here to support a wide range of creative minds, so if you are a YouTube Gamer, Game Developer, Graphic Designer, Vocalist (singing or Voice Acting) we have a spot for you!
Special Offers
Oh yes it's coming!
We are in our second launch phase, so expect some big additions and a whole host of awesome music and video for your eyes and ears!

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By filling this in you will help us get to know you a bit more which will be vital for our journey going forward, we also want to sort through the people who really have a passion for their music and where they want to take it from the people who just want it work itself.