Why it is better to say...

"I can't do it"

Written by Quentin 'Q The Beat Boy' Adams

Let's Get


Example. I talked to one guy when I was in desperate need of artwork. I had very little experience in making art at the time and was not good at it at all. Speaking with him gave me enough confidence that I announced that I was going to drop a project within a certain timeframe.

He explains to me how to share my ideas with him and when it will get done. Even a date to meet up with him to talk in person about how things should look and take photos if needed. Everything went well during this initial conversation.

However, as the meetup date approached he became more and more difficult to reach.

Meetup day arrives and he is now not answering his phone.

In most cases, offering an explanation and an apology will keep things open and there may even be another opportunity for you to work with whomever it is again in the future.


Ducking and dodging people, ignoring them, basically acting as if you never wanted to do it to begin with, will for sure p*** them off…