All Rise offers a range of services, so not everything will apply to you

Members of ARAN (All Rise Artist Nation) and All Rise Productions as a whole are required to support each other.  We are not saying you are obligated to share everything, but the lack of supporting others may result in you being contacted. A consistent lack of sharing will be followed by some kind of decision-based on whether or not you are suitable for the program. Share, press play, tag a friend, leave a comment, every little bit helps, but if you want to take the most effective route, sharing or creating your own post for the content may be the best thing to do, thus giving the material a chance to be seen by your audience.
You are required to support your own material. We are here to help, unfortunately we are not in a position to do everything.
To emphasize, if you are new to marketing, don't worry. Just follow what we do and learn from it because we are always trying to be innovative with what we are doing. If you ever have questions, please feel free to ask someone, we are all here to help each other.

Music submitted is under the agreement that it is 100% original and that all permissions have been obtained where needed, to use the material as we see fit, or according to the agreement in place. Breeching this agreement will result in all agreements being null and void, you will forfeit all existing non paid profits as well. No further agreements will be made beyond such event.
Profit shares are based on a 50/50 agreement. If we have an agreement in place for distributing your music, you will receive 50% of the profits made from said distribution, (unless otherwise stated). This is after the partners like 'CDBaby', 'iTunes' etc, take their cuts. The same applies if we are hosting your beats in our beat store, you get 50% of the incoming profits, the rest will come to us to cover expenses and if needed, pay people. If you follow our instructions, your profits for selling beats can be handled automatically through having your own 'Beatstars' account set up properly. 
Submitting your music to use for promotion, you are giving us permission to utilize the tools available to help your material get heard, this may include SoundCloud, youtube, audiomac and more. All materials will be linked back to their rightful owners so people can find them, follow and, or share if desired. Downloads and purchase links will be linked to where the rightful owner recommends unless the links are actually hosted by us due to another agreement being in place, then we will use those.

Radio Play
Once your music has been uploaded to our radio platform it will stay there until otherwise instructed. Music submitted to a particular show will also be added to our general music playlists. This is purely for further promotion of your music. We urge everyone to submit their music to content ID systems (see legalities sect.) The music can be accessed by our other presenters/djs for further promotion in their shows. You will be notified of this if the opportunity arises. This does not allow anyone to obtain a copy of your music without your permission. All music uploaded to the radio platform cannot be downloaded (it's the platform's policy). If for any reason you want your music removed from the radio platform, please send an email to ce@allriseproductions.com

Music Pool
All people who wish to submit their work have the option for their music to be added to the 'All Rise Artist Nation Talent Pool'. This pool of music has been created for the purpose of connecting artists of all kinds, ultimately creating more opportunities for your music to be complimented. ARAN will attract interest from YouTubers, Gamers, Game Developers and Animation/Graphic Designers. These people will be looking for music to feature in their productions. By having your music added to the 'Talent Pool' it merely means people can access your music, not obtain a copy. This can only be achieved by direct permission from you the copyright owner. 
If you are to breach the agreement of providing 100% original material or making sure all rights are secured, any legal action that occurs, as a result, will be directed to the person who provided the material and made the agreement.  
We only accept submissions from the copyright owner, not on the behalf of another user. We need to make sure all information is accurate and applies to the proper owners of the material. If you are not the owner, you should not be submitting. SImply get them in touch with us. We got it from there.
Protecting your music is important. While, if we have distributed your music it is covered in most cases, there are still some steps you will need to take on your own. We can only protect your work according to our agreement. If by the rare chance something happens outside of that, we won't be able to do anything or will be limited. So basically all you need to do is copyright your work under your own name, and register it with a PRO like ASCAP or BMI, whatever applies to your country. DO NOT submit music we have released for you to any content ID systems, they will only reject it. However, anything we have not distributed for you may not be but, you can contact us to find out ways to set that up.
All Rise Productions are within their rights to change it's services at any time (however, members will be notified prior to alterations made).
Music that we have released for you is only exclusive to us on an "As Is" basis. this means yes, you can redistribute the song itself, but you are going to need to make obvious changes to the art and title before doing so.
There will be no tolerance for negative activity on any of the All Rise networks for any reason. Any negative activity to the other members or users of our platforms will be removed permanently