You should be placing them!

Written by Quentin 'Q The Beat Boy' Adams

Let's Get


I stop by a lot of people’s accounts within a day’s time. This is what I see...

Throughout the day, I usually stop by at least a handful of artist’s profiles and within a week it can easily reach a few hundred. One of the most common things I see is the lack of links. Links linking back to sales sites like iTunes, Spotify etc. Links to social pages and contact info. None of this is present on a lot of profiles and this is costing some of you guys followers and more.

You need to make it easy for people to find what they want.

Adding links to as much as you can in a neat professional way is the best way to go. Let’s just use Soundcloud as an example. A person visits your profile, likes what they hear, but isn't a regular SoundCloud user. There are no links for this person to find you on the platform they prefer to use. The problem here is, most people are not going to take the extra time to hunt you down. Most people will move on and may never find their way back to you and all you had to do is have a link there for them to click to continue to support you in the place they use the most.


The key point to take from this here is, you should make access to your work as easy as it can be, from everywhere. If I find you on one site randomly, I should be able to click from there to find you on one of my favourite sites. This kind of applies to your tracks too. People find this stuff in the most random ways sometimes, providing links in your song descriptions allows people to go to the places they commonly use and support you from there.

Do not limit yourself in any way here

You should even be considering placing “buy” links and links to any merchandise you may have for sale as well. This can make all of the difference for you and the traffic you are getting. All of those random people that would stop by and not follow may be more inclined to follow your other profiles, buy a song download and more if you just post some links.


Build a text sheet full of your links and pop it at the bottom of all of your song descriptions, profiles and anything else you can think of. Go to all of your profiles and make sure all of your links are present for visitors to view. If you have videos for songs, the links should be with the song and vise versa. Much Love!!!