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ARAN | Premium Plan

With up to 10 tracks simultaneously being promoted, this plan has become our most popular. If you are a music producer or vocalist that has a lot of interest in Spotify, SoundCloud and social media. This plan may be the one for you

If you checked out the Essential plan, you know how we feel about the importance of promoting your own music. It is why we have created these plans. We do not promise to make millionaires, but we do promise that we can help you on your way. Because of that ethic, all our premium plan subscribers will receive one audio interactive video a month. More on how it works below...

Why promote at premium level?

Promoting your music has so many avenues to venture down. Without a lot of money, it makes life difficult as an independent artist. This plan in particular looks to give you an extra edge to aid profile growth. You'll notice in the plan summary at the bottom of this page that we offer social promotion with video. This is to allow your music to stand out more, our stats and data from around the world show that video prompts interaction more than a simple post. 

Plan intensity




This is what you get...

We believe that consistent music promotion throughout the month is far more beneficial than a one-off repost on SoundCloud, a time-limited playlist placement on Spotify. Not to mention Social Media potentials.


With this plan, you will experience more interaction with up to 5 tracks. We share your music within our own network and our combined network with music friends and partners. The ways we promote your music entails SoundCloud reposts and playlist features, Spotify playlist placements and social support.  We promote the music you choose. So if you have more than 5, remember we can always cycle through the month to month. The importance is in sharing all of your music to your suited audiences. 

Although this plan does not feature video support with your releases, we will be throwing in a freebie once in a while to show our appreciation for your loyalty. We have built our selves on the pledge that 'as we grow, you grow'.  That also includes social growth. With that in mind, our essential plan clients now benefit from email, social support and Spotify features for no extra cost. Your price will stay at your price even if we give you more in the future. 


How it works...

Just send your links

and we begin

Simply provide us with the links you would like promoting. We get to work. If we feel your music can be improved, along with your promotion, we can offer you free advice and feedback at anytime. This isn't just a promoting service. It's something that looks to guide  you to a better place in the music industry.  Although this may not make you rich, but it can help you solidify a foundation and a steady way forward. 

Plan overview

Estimated reach monthly

200k - 350k 

Estimated reach annually

2.4m - 4.2m

Max tracks

10 (simultaneous)  


Price plan monthly

Monthly boost


Care Package

Price plan annually

Mix & master assistance with profile

growth guidance.

$220 = $20

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