All Rise offers a range of services, so not everything will apply to you

Disclaimer 2.0

This also serves as our agreement, some information may not pertain to you at the moment, but please read thoroughly.


What is All Rise?

All Rise productions started out as a simple productions company making and selling beats. Although Q also writes and raps, the primary goal was simply production. Over time, the company developed into much more. At one point we were headed in the direction of being a record label. Then it hit us, while talking all the time about how we wish we could help people and do random things related, we decided to go ahead and build the company around the conversation. Today, All Rise Productions & All Rise Artist Nation is becoming the all around, one stop shop for all things music. Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Promotion, Production, Distribution, Visuals, Lyrics, Consultation, Artist Growth and more. The thing about it is the team is small, so it is taking us a while to get certain things done. Which you will learn more about as you get to know us because we are all about TEAMWORK!!!!!


Anyway, our goal is to build a company that allows artists to reach new levels with their music and educate them about what they are doing so they can potentially make their music a career. While there are a ton of details we have to keep private so they don’t get ripped off, what is available to share is very straightforward. We simply want to build an army of like-minded people who are willing to take actions here and there as a collective or for the collective/company. Ultimately, this allows the company to have more power to help the people we work with. We need to come together for a common cause, even if it’s not full time. Together we can make things happen that none of us can do on our own. Working together and having a team is key in this business…. Let’s Go!


Community Guidelines

Disrespect of any form is not tolerated. If you don’t know the difference between constructive criticism and disrespect or just being plain rude, this is not the community for you. We value our members and believe everyone, in general, deserves your respect and consideration at all times. And let me be clear about this, if someone deserves some backlash, hey, what is deserved is deserved, but the moment I feel a member is being disrespectful, said member will be spoken to and no more chances will be given. Even the response to said “talking” will be considered for this process. Attitude is everything, act like it.


Members must remain active. We may be moving a bit slow from the outside looking in, but the bottom line is we already have and plan to simply give away a ton of information. It is not fair to us or the community members who actually stay involved for other members to simply come around and not contribute to the community somehow. We need active members, constant active members. Members should be willing to post their music within the server, share their thoughts about other people's music from within the server and share as much as deemed reasonable, offer services at reasonable prices, offer free stuff, help other members with things, like grow for example. Notice the use of the phrase “deemed reasonable”. We are not saying it is required for you to sit and share everything all the time or anything of that nature. All we are saying is that your presence in the community should mean you will actually be a part of the community once in a while. Share the information you come across, share the plugs you find like companies that take submissions. Do you take submissions? Make playlists? Let the community know!


This idea we are building requires a community that is willing to take action in favor of the cause. If someone posts a track in the community, if there are 50 members, the track should have 50 likes and reposts. If you don’t like something, we can’t fault you for that, but if the track is ok and won’t go against your profiles content, it won’t hurt you to help out. If we all do this all the time we can easily help each other blow up in no time. Now, imagine if the community grows to 100 or 200 people, 1000 people, that’s all following this theory…. I leave that at that and for you to ponder on…


Distributing Music With All Rise

If you release music with us, or have in the past, you will be under a 60/40 split in your favor. Payouts will be made upon request, but only after the balance is worth $10 min. You will be paid via PayPal. You keep all rights to your work. We only reserve the right for use of the music, the specific title of said project, and the specific art for said project. This means you can feel free to continue to use any of your material as you please elsewhere so long as if it is distributed again elsewhere, you DO NOT use the specific art and title used to distribute with us. Art and title must be unique to every individual release, period. However, to be clear, that does not mean you need art. Let’s say, to do a release to multiple platforms like Spotify, Tidal, etc. you can send an individual release to all of those places, one time using the specific art and title.


We will help you with promoting your music, but let’s be clear here, we are not saying we will do all of the work for you music to get heard. Yes, we will help and would love to, but you need to stay active with your work and your fans. It is not our job to keep you active, it is your own and we can’t force you to do it. If you release with us you still need to promote your tail off as if it was only you doing it. Don’t be lazy just because someone is willing to help or is helping you. Help is only a plus, you still need to grind no matter how much help you have.


Music released by us must be 100% original. This means you cannot use any copyrighted material from other songs, movies, TV shows, anything like that. You cannot use anything you do not have 100% permission and rights to. How can you try to give us permission to use material you don’t even have full permission to use? If you do have permission, you need to provide proof and contact info to verify said proof. Otherwise, no mixes, remixes, samples or anything of the nature will be accepted for distribution to major streaming services. Soundcloud is cool, we can give a little more leeway there, but that’s about it.


We will not take legal responsibility for copyright infringement committed by another party. If there are any legal pursuits caused by the submission of your work, you will be the sole party responsible because you were warned not to submit work you do not own and you agree to this along with all other terms if you agree to work with us. This is non-negotiable.


Music submitted to us can be requested to be removed after successful release after 1 year. If you have the capability to receive it, it can also be requested the song is transferred after said time. Payouts will only be sent by request and if the amount is greater than $10, preferably more.


All Rise Radio

All Rise Radio, for the most part, is open to all to submit their music, even mixes. The only thing about it is you need to either own the music submitted or have got it in a way that substitutes a purchase. In other words, you need to have bought the music in your mix or got it directly from the artist or copyright owner or from somewhere the owner allowed free download of the material. So long as you can legally claim ownership of the track in the same way as a simple purchase, it’s all good. Keep in mind, try not to mess with remixes too much, again, you do need to have the right to use 3rd party material regardless of how you use it unless it is for educational purposes and even then you need to be a bit careful.


Mixes need to be cut into 15 minute chunks. To be more specific, each chunk needs to be 14:48 long or less. We even have openings for regular shows.


All Rise Legends

All Rise Legends are people who displayed they are down for the cause on some level. If this were a job, consider it something like a promotion. Legends are officially part of the team on some capacity. Legends gain access to much more than regular members, insider stuff. If you make it to Legend status and all of a sudden become less active or it turns out you are like most other people and are only in it for yourself, your access will be restricted. Eventually, if we can’t turn it around you will be simply downgraded. Nothing personal, but again, we are sharing a lot and it is not fair to anyone else involved if someone is, let us just call it “milking the system”. If you do get to this status, participation is a requirement.