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Social Media

Written by Quentin 'Q The Beat Boy' Adams

Let's Get


For some reason, there is a popular belief that by working one’s favorite social media site is enough..

Specifically, it is thought that being on Facebook is good enough to get you somewhere. Now, while this may have turned out to be true for a select handful of people, the actual odds suggest it probably won’t happen this way for you.


What do you do about it? Well, that is simple, get on more social platforms!


Being in more places provides more variables that may work in your favour and can lead to new opportunities that you may have missed by not being on the site. You have to remember, chances are you are looking for needs to be achieved over a number of networks. YouTube is one of, if not the most popular site for consuming music. It also pays if you take the proper steps. Instagram, Twitter, even Snapchat and things like that are great for spreading the word about what you are up to. Facebook, however, is a bit more difficult and on top of that, the recent controversy surrounding it has made tons of people completely remove their pages and profiles. I have even considered it, considering the nature of the controversy. Something to think about.

Spending all of your time on one site, you are actually causing yourself a disservice..

The thing about it is, not only do you need to be spreading yourself out more, chances are the sites you are using allow you to spread your posts and uploads to other social platforms. So, if you don't have accounts, make them and make use of those buttons. You can then list your other accounts on those accounts to draw in more traffic across the board.

'More places more faces'


By staying on only one, or a few platforms, you are only able to reach those few people who use that particular site. You can't depend on those people to share it to these other sites for you because that's not their job, although it is amazing when they do! You have to step up and take action on these things yourself. Spread your work around the internet.


Not only does this spread you around more, but it draws in traffic you otherwise would have missed. It also allows you to do a bit more sharing because you have multiple places to go to do so, saving you from saturating your streams.