All Rise

between the lines

Written by Quentin 'Q The Beat Boy' Adams

Let's Get


Working with others.

I decided to start this series in hopes of me actually taking the time to go into detail about a few things in specific about why I set up some of the things I do to present through the company. A lot of this stuff will be touched on in other write ups so I am not going to prioritize this series, but I do wish to finish it.


Okay, let us begin. In this first instalment I am going to talk about why we like to work with other people. You will find another side of this stance in my write up on collabs. We spend all day and almost everyday working to build up All Rise to be better than it was the day before. Along the way, we will be growing our numbers, reach and everything else needed to be successful. When we work with others, we always make sure to credit them with what they worked on and in some cases give even more credit than expected. This directly places the people we work with into this “Growth” we are working so hard to achieve.

Collab Bro!

Making a song with another artist or producer allows us to directly promote that artist in the promo work we are doing to grow ourselves. If I make a song with you, I am obviously going to treat it like my own, promotion wise, and if your name is credited I am promoting you as well. This goes both ways, but we are building a company with intentions of being around for a while. Money is being spent, connections are being made, people are checking us out. Not to sound big headed or anything, but people are even copying what we are doing now. This means something we’re doing is working and things are looking good, interesting enough to steal the ideas and try to implement them elsewhere.

When the going is good.

At the end of the day, this is one of many low cost and high efficient ways to provide people with a direct plug into what we are building.


Our main soundcloud account is up to over 9k from 1k in less than a year and could be much more, but we are working on a lot of stuff simultaneously so our attention is kind of divided. We are also paid every month to promote a pretty decent sized list of people’s music as well. With that being said, we simply do not give as much attention to our own accounts that we could. If you have any interest in working with us, it would probably be a good idea to do it while there is a simple to access option.


At some point, we will grow enough to allow us to redirect attention back to our own accounts again. This means more attention to the work we are doing and people we decide to work with along the way.  Hope that makes sense, I will leave this one at that…. Much Love!