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Introducing The ScPlanner

"A platform that will fundamentally change the way you work your online music"

ScPlanner is a repost scheduling and trading platform for SoundCloud and Spotify, what we love about this place is you can trade unlimited reposts with other artists who have a similar following.


So say you have a 1k account, you go and find someone with a similar number of followers a trade a repost with. With thousands of active users a week you can easily give your music the massive boost in reach it really deserves. What does trading a repost actually entail….




Set up a trade.

This method allows other users to browse your trades and make you an offer. Now with the new "variant" option, you can really tailor each trade so you can utilise the most of your reach per track!

Browse trades.

Browse the 'Trade Hub' to find suitable tracks to trade with. With thousands of active users, you will be spoilt for choice! 

Have a listen.

Easily listen to the music you are going to repost to your channel/s with the 'SoundCloud Player' Browse variants and select the best one for you.

Happy trading!

Insert your track url here

Choose how long before the repost is removed, or uncheck the option for a forever trade!

New feature! Add more variants

Select how many accounts or which groups in your network you wish to use (more info on networks below)

The minimum amount of followers the other users must have to be able to trade with your track. ('ARAN' tip, if you set this amount lower than your collective follower amount, people are more likely to trade with you!



users only


users only

Use this slider to browse trades within your reach

Click down here to view each trade

Select a suitable variant option


users only

Make sure the track your trading with is worthy!

Enter your track's url

Select how many accounts or which groups in your network you wish to use (more info on networks below)

Networks and the 'ARAN' set up

Simply drop the SoundCloud link of the person you would like to connect with. Be sure to accept their invite.

The best way to make ScPlanner work for you, is to network and grow your reach. 


ScPlanner has another cool feature where you can add as many SoundCloud profiles to your network as you wish. Just simply drop their profile link in the invite and wait for them to accept. A message beforehand is a must because you are building a team who will be helping each other.


Worried you may not have enough followers? At 'ARAN' we are offering anyone who wants to join our network we will give you 2 accounts to add to your network totalling 6.7k!


Be sure to register with Let's Get Growing to learn how we managed to bring our network up to 135k across over 60 different accounts and now sit proudly at #35 on the scoreboard!

This is how we are going to help you.

It may seem daunting at first, or hard to keep up with, but rest assured our advice will help you get your music cycling through networks. Head over to our chat server on DISCORD for any urgent questions, our team and members are located all over the world so you will get a response pretty quick!


Keep a lookout for in-depth tutorials on how to fully use the platform to its maximum potential. We will take you through every step helping you promote your music the whole way! If you want to get going right now head over to ScPlanner , send us a message using the options below and let's get trading!

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