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You've Probably Heard This Before But This Site Was Built By Artists & Producers For Artist & Producers!

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We've always been in support of up and coming talent but it always felt like there was more that we could do. So we figured out a simple but effective way to pull it off and here it is. BACK TO THE BASICS!!! If you are willing to like and share a playlist as payment for submissions of YOUR music, then this is the place for you. The difference here is a lot of our playlists also contains some of our own music so we have more of an invested interest in growing them. 

We are starting from The Ground Up all over again. In the process, we are building playlists on a few platforms. Submitting YOUR Video/Music links for review may land it on our playlist(s) which are featured here on our site.  The submission process is simple, follow and share a playlist as your fee or you can actually pay.  There is a submission button on just about every page, likely on the bottom in the footer where you can also subscribe to our mailing list. So feel free to browse the site and never miss the submission button no matter where you end up. So we look forward to seeing all of YOUR submissions start to come in. In the mean time, check out our youtube playlist to the left...

So far, we are working on PLAYLISTS for YouTube, Soundcloud, Audiomack & Spotify with more to come. You can also use the site's navigation menu to find artists, more playlists, music, educational content (COMING SOON!), even shop services including businesses we personally support/approve. There is an abundance of useful content already slated to be added on this site with more to come... This site is being rebuilt from the ground up with helping creators in mind!

You can browse our


collection right here using the selector below to progress through the list. Clicking the image of any PLAYLIST will take you on to its page on our site. Since you can't use full functionality with embedded Spotify playlists just yet, we suggest continuing on to Spotify once you find a playlist you like. Buttons & URL's are provided on each page. We will update with embedded playlists the moment functionality changes, btw!